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Speed Training

You can’t train speed

– Author Unknown

You’ve been lied to. You’ve been led to believe that who you are and what you can do is based solely on natural ability. You’ve been told that speed training is pointless – you have it or you don’t.

Don’t believe the lies

Vinnies Dad

We are Superior Athletics, the top speed training team on Long Island. We have helped hundreds of athletes from the NFL, MLB, Serie A soccer and from sports and colleges around the country develop their speed.

Before you start thinking “Another facility that thinks they are the best” we have been published on numerous national publications highlighting our methods, you can take a look Here, Here, and Here.

We don’t just claim results: we have earned them over hundreds of athletes.

In that time, we have come up with these Speed Training principles that wyou can use to make yourself the fastest athlete possible.

Speed Training Rule #1: You Must Rest to Progress

In speed training, we need near complete recovery from our previous training session, match, practice and also our previous sprint. Sprinting while you are still gasping for air won’t lead to the fastest improvement possible. You need to make sure your body is ready to push performance forward, otherwise we are just doing conditioning.

Speed Training Rule #2: Gadgets and Gizmos Don’t Improve Speed

Something I have noticed is that they guys who spend the most time doing speed ladder work are the guys who spend the most time sitting on the bench.

Speed training requires working on technique, videoing and breaking down of form, sprints and more sprints. We need to focus on making your move better to improve speed, more cones, toys and fancy ideas aren’t what makes better happen, they just make it seem sexy.

 Speed Training Rule #3: You Move From Slow To Fast

You wouldn’t learn to drive by hopping on 495 on Long Island, you instead move slow in a parking lot or side street. The same thing applies to speed training, it is hard to adjust yourself when going at 100%. This is why we start all of our sessions with some sort of technique and patterning movements to improve how you are running and moving, before we run.

Spend time moving slowly so in the end we can move as fast as possible

Speed Training Rule #4: You Can’t Neglect The Weightroom

For long term speed development (even short term) we need to focus on improving our expression of strength. The fastest way is to build up a strength reserve that can be utilized over and over again at higher levels.

You can’t just run to get fast, and you can’t just sprint to get fast, if it were that easy to gain elite speed, everyone would have it. The reality is it takes a consistent marriage of methods applied over time to build the deep speed everyone craves.

Don’t neglect getting stronger!

Speed Training Rule #5: Not Every Sprint is 100%

Just like in lifting, we apply percentages of our maximum in order to improve our strength and other qualities, so must we vary our speed work to gain speed in a number of different ways.

Doing runs at 60-70% allows us to work on technique and build work capacity for future training, 75-85% allows us to train our speed endurance and strength, and 90% and more pushes our peak levels up.

Just like a max bench, we wouldn’t max out 3-4 times a week, we also don’t want to max out our speed 3-4 times a week. We need to vary intensity in order to keep making progress long term.

Does this sound like you?

If you are interested in becoming bigger, faster and more explosive, Superior Athletics can help.

For athletes interested in speed training on Long Island, visit our business page on google and contact us about coming in and trying out a class.

If you live too far away to work with us directly, you can also contact us at There, you will be directed to a coach that can work with you on a program to aid you where you are. These workouts and training programs can be custom tailored to you in order to improve performance in the fastest time possible.

Are you ready for the challenge?

– Superior Athletics Speed Performance Team

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