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Football Performance Training

Football has long been a passion of mine, having played it since I was young, and helping NFL and NCAA athletes reach their goals both on the field and off it, I have developed an even deeper affection for working with football players.

When football players think training, they think strength, power, speed.  These are the gatekeepers to playing at a high level.  Without sufficient levels of these three variables, the ceiling to your talent is capped.

I have helped hundreds of football players improve their physical ability to dominate on the field, and this resource page will help you get started in the right direction.


One of the biggest questions we get about training football players is how to gain muscle for the sport.  While football needs muscle to develop power and speed, it is also important to protect against injuries.  Football is a collision sport and we need to build muscle for it the right way.

Without a doubt the king exercise of football is the bench press (though it probably shouldn’t be).  How do I know?  Well it is the only one that is in the NFL combine test along with high school combines around the country.  If you are looking to improve your bench, learning the set up and tactics for improving it are vitally important.

A faster 40 yard dash can be the difference between being a starter and being on the bench, or being drafted in the first round or not at all.  40 yard dash training gets a lot of pub, but training for it is where the magic happens.  Technique and sprinting is important, but making sure you are strong and explosive first gets us going in the right direction

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