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Baseball Performance Training

Baseball players are still some of the last athletes to begin using the advances in performance training of any athletes in sport.

Why is this?

Baseball has long been about its tradition, and how things were when the coaches were taught, little regard to something new is often spoken of.  Take the Maple bat for example; ash bats had always been the best, then in the late 90’s maple started to be used in the minors.  When Barry Bonds started pelting 100 home runs a year with maple, it became the standard.

Was maple a new type of wood?  Of course not, but the tradition was ash, and people were hesitant to change.

From 2007 until 2013 the average fastball MPH increase is 2 MPH, the fastest increase in history, meanwhile steroids have been purged from the game.  What explains this?

Baseball Performance Training.

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If you haven’t started to benefit from the advances in baseball performance training, the first step is learning how to train for baseball the right way.

Many athletes and coaches have shunned some of these advances, and the old school players are hesitant to listen.  What happens when people ignore the warning signs and proper performance training and blindly do what they have always done

Some guys get it though, and by starting to train properly they can extend their careers beyond what was thought possible.  In this interview with Frank Catalanotto, I find out how strength and performance training for baseball made his 13+ year career possible.

Not only is it important to train in the off-season to increase performance, but we also need to provide our bodies the right training in-season.  The importance of in season training for baseball is the difference between the good and the great players of the course of the year.

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