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Elite Player Development

The Elite Player Development Program is the premiere program offering atSuperior Athletics. It is a completely customized and open training program.

If you are in need of nutritional help, we can set a session to guide you or your athlete in the right direction. Need to work on conditioning? We can create a plan that fits your sport, position and body needs.

The EPD program is for truly competitive athletes who are looking to achieve their highest level in sports. If you don’t want to be pushed to your highest potential, that’s OK, but this program isn’t for you.

Athletes in this program have competed in professional leagues like Serie A, MLB, and the NFL. Our college athletes have achieved All­American status, and our High School athletes top the lists of Long Island’s best athletes. If these are results you want, this is the program you need.

In the EPD program, athletes will get:

  • Soft Tissue & Recovery Training
  • Warmup
  • Speed Technique
  • Speed Drills
  • Reaction and Competitive Drills
  • Strength Training Program
  • Conditioning
  • More
Elite Player Development

Shin angles are important in order to change direction quickly, this drill emphasizes the change of the angles

Also, EPD athletes are invited to attend any of our education resources free of charge. Whether it is an Olympic lifting clinic, a Kettlebell clinic or even a speed clinic, all of these 1 day events are free of charge

So if you are interested in becoming the best athlete possible, and dominate the competition, contact us today and schedule an assessment with one of our Superior Team members

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Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory.


Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

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