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Advanced Player Development

Formerly known as the P365 program (Perform 365), the Advanced Player Development program is our base performance training program.

The APD program is designed to build each athlete’s individual strengths while working to correct and develop their weaknesses.

Each athlete is taken through an in depth evaluation process wherethey are screened for movement issues and assessed as to their current level of performance and training.

From this, the Superior Athletics coaching staff is able to put together a personalized program based around our methods and years of experience. Each athlete will take part in the following each session:

  • Soft Tissue session
  • Warmup
  • Speed Technique
  • Speed Drills
  • Reaction and Competitive Drills
  • Strength Training Program

At all times during the APD program, athletes are guided by a Superior
Athletics Team Member, teaching movements, setting drills, teaching and
coaching to bring out the best in each athlete.

No other facility on Long Island can offer the depth of assessment,
coaching and access to equipment that we can at Superior Athletics.

If you’re ready to get started sign up below to set up an appointment.

advanced player development

Our athletes improving their footwork with a drill designed specifically to allow them to generate power and speed.

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