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The goal of Superior Kids is to create a fun environment where young athletes can learn and develop the skills and tactics necessary to develop long term health and athleticism.

Superior Kids isn’t the normal “speed” class you’ve seen at other facilities – each session is developed to create real and lasting changes in a young athlete’s development.

No large groups. Not just a miniaturized version of a college athletes program, but a true program designed for and inspired by the needs of a young athlete.

We want each athlete that participates in this program to leave with the strength, coordination and skills necessary to compete with the best athletes in their age group. This foundational program will give athletes the jump start needed to heighten their abilities and find enjoyment in training for a lifetime.

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Formerly known as the P365 program (Perform 365), the Advanced Player Development program is our base performance training program.

The APD program is designed to build each athlete’s individual strengths while working to correct and develop their weaknesses.

Each athlete is taken through an in depth evaluation process wherethey are screened for movement issues and assessed as to their current level of performance and training.

At all times during the APD program, athletes are guided by a Superior Athletics Team Member, teaching movements, setting drills, teaching and coaching to bring out the best in each athlete.

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The Elite Player Development Program is the premiere program offering atSuperior Athletics. It is a completely customized and open training program.

If you are in need of nutritional help, we can set a session to guide you or your athlete in the right direction. Need to work on conditioning? We can create a plan that fits your sport, position and body needs.

The EPD program is for truly competitive athletes who are looking to achieve their highest level in sports. If you don’t want to be pushed to your highest potential, that’s OK, but this program isn’t for you.

Athletes in this program have competed in professional leagues like Series A, MLB, and the NFL. Our college athletes have achieved All­ American status, and our High School athletes top the lists of Long Island’s best athletes. If these are results you want, this is the program you need.

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At Superior Athletics, in Farmingdale NY., we specialize in helping elite athletes bring their performances to the highest levels.

Now, we are looking to help YOU achieve your best performance in life!
We all know someone who does CrossFit, or a local boot-camp, and raves about their experience, but often times its the same old cookie cutter program that everyone else is doing. When you look at them a few months later, they are beaten and battered and no better for it.

We aim to change the game. Inside Training Camp, athletes will be given programming centered around their desired goal. If you want to get ripped and cut fat, your programming will be geared towards that goal. If you want to work at high intensity and improve your power and athleticism, your programming will give that to you.

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Superior Kids Program


Starting at $249 for six weeks

  • 3 Classes per week
  • Superior Athletics Coach

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Advanced Player Development


Start for as little as $219 per month

  • 2-4 Sessions Per Week
  • 1.5 Hour Sessions
  • Small Class Sizes (6-8)
  • Personalized Strength Program
  • Free Initial Assessment

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Elite Player Development


Start for a little as $279 a month

  • 2-4 Sessions Per Week
  • 1.5 Hour Sessions
  • Small Class Sizes (6-8)
  • Completely Customized
  • Free Access to Events/Workshops

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Adult Training


Starting for as little as $249 per month

  • 2-4 Classes per week
  • Personalized Group Training
  • Superior Coaching

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