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Become Superior

We Are Not For Everyone

We want to get this out of the way early in the process

Our facility, Superior Athletics, is for people looking to get unreal results and achieve unreal performances.

We aren’t the cheapest

We aren’t the flashiest.

We Are The Best Training Facility on Long Island


We believe in coaching, and training hard, in being great in the gym and in life, in being Superior people.

We hold ourselves and our members to a higher standard, and we expect that day in and day out.

Again, we aren’t for everyone.

If being trained using the best methods, in challenging sessions, with coaches who don’t want to just yell and throw you through another random session, sounds like what you are looking for, keep reading.

We Want You Crushing It. Everyday.

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Superior Athletics and our famous green spartan are built on an idea: be the best

In wanting to be the best, we wanted to make sure what we were doing was the best. That’s why we take the time to evaluate each and every member of our gym. It is why each and every person who works with us is using a program that is tailored to their individual needs.

We aren’t throwing a workout up on the whiteboard and hoping you get better.

We spend hours going to conferences and attending continuing education courses. We have arguments over the best way to make YOU better. Because that is what making the best results takes. A commitment to excellence.

We do this because it is the only way we could stay true to being our best selves.

A Higher Standard

Being Superior

Some would say that our outlook on performance training and gym culture is overconfident.

We just understand that after countless hours and nearly a thousand individuals impacted by our training that we have a system that is designed to get better results.

We know we can make you better than the competition. Yours and Ours.

So if you are ever curious as to what we stand for, and who belongs inside our space, always check back to this page.

Be prepared to be held to this standard.

Throw away your old beliefs and prepare to become Superior.

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Are you sure you are ready?

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