Superior Athletics

I am Bill Rom and I am proud to be the Director of Performance Training for the top Strength and Conditioning gym on Long Island: Superior Athletics

No where else can you achieve the strength, speed, and performance gains that you can within these walls.

SA is home to numerous professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, MiLB and more.  Additionally, we have trained athletes that are All-Americans, All-State, and All-County on Long Island and from around the country.  There is one common trait amongst every athlete that comes through the door:

We Make Athletes More Than They Were

New York Mets Prospect John Mincone

Superior Athletics isn’t a small facility either, we have over 5,000 sq ft of space dedicated to the betterment of all athletes, regardless of sport.

NFL Free Agent Trevor Coston

Our facility is outfitted with 4 half-racks, thousands of pounds of Olympic weights, a Vertimax, dumbbells from 2.5 to 100+lbs, cable stacks, TRX: suspension trainers, specialty bars as well as a full assortment of mini bands, monster bands and more.

 Superior Athletics Weight Room

That’s not all though, our facility is also equipped with a full indoor turf capable of supporting up to 40 athletes at one time.  We have over 45 yards of continuous turf allowing us to integrate full speed and agility programs.

I would pit our gym against any other in terms of results.  We see athletes routinely get better, improving power, speed, strength and performance to levels that dominate their competition.  Our program design is a blend of the best in the industry, using the best and most efficient tools to improve performance and take our athletes to the next level.

David R. Completing 23 Pullups

 Normal Is Other Gyms Top Athletes

Superior Athletics is located on Milbar Blvd in Farmingdale NY.  We are minutes away from both the LIE, and Northern State Parkway and conveniently located in the middle of Long Island.  You can contact us by calling 631-365-3402

If you are ready to be a better athlete on Long Island, and want to be the best you need to train with the best.

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