Before I just drop the standard 3rd person Bio at the bottom of this page I figured I would take some time to let you know more about me.  I am a former athlete who injured himself enough to stop playing in college (though who knows how good I would’ve been, maybe I would’ve sucked!)  I spent time in college working with other athletes whom I knew trying to get them better, little did I know that I was training better than most of the trainers on Long Island.

You see, I grew up reading the top trainers in the industry by accident, my dad was awesome and bought me everything on training, even when I had stopped playing sports.

So I went to school for Marketing.  I didn’t realize yet that I could make a good living being a strength coach or trainer.  I figured hey, I will do Marketing and make a ton of money getting people to buy toothpaste…….

That wasn’t happening.  Much to the dismay of others, I set off to become a strength and conditoning coach and trainer for people in the world.  This was after being a cook, delivery guy, construction worker, plumber, freelance writer, small business marketing consultant and more.  Obviously my wealth of talents are mind numbingly amazing I know.

Finally I dedicated to stop chasing things that weren’t me.  I loved teaching and coaching.  I loved getting people stronger and faster and avoiding the mistakes that I myself had made.  Now I am the Director of Prospect Sports, the top strength and conditioning facility on Long Island.  I have trained every type of athlete you can think of and they all dominate at a fairly regular basis.

Now you are reading my stories and insights and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

Thanks for that, and I hope you enjoy my site.

If you have questions,concerns or ideas for content let me know and it makes its way on the site.  This stuff is for you as much as for me, so guide my voice for me will you?

Now to the Bio

Strength and Conditioning Coach Bill Rom – NASM-PES, ACE-CPT, TRX404 About

Bill Rom is a strength and conditioning coach on Long Island, New York.  Bill has been training both athletes and general population clients since 2006.  His clients have ranged from adolescents to 70 year old grandmothers, and from peewee athletes up to former and current D1 athletes.  At Prospect Sports, where Bill is the director, he works with a number of professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, MiLB and more.

Additionally, Bill has been published on EliteFTS.com, one of the top strength and conditioning websites in the world, as well as; a website dedicated to improving athletes and is currently working on stories for .

He also has done a number of speaking engagements including the NSCA and is continuing to pick up more.

Bill is one of the top young strength and conditioning coaches in the country, and arguably the top strength coach on Long Island.

You can contact 631-777-2077 to work with Bill at Prospect Sports


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