Bill Rom – Owner and Director of Performance

Bill has been working with athletes since 2004. In that time, he has worked with athletes from the NFL, AFL, MLB, MilB and throughout college sports. He is currently the strength and conditioning coach for two college baseball programs and has worked with a number of local high schools to bring improved strength and speed training to their schools.

Bill has been featured on Yahoo! Sports,, T-Nation, EliteFTS, LiveStrong amongst others. He has also been a speaker for the NSCA on Long Term Athletic Development.

In October 2014 Bill began Superior Athletics to bring the best in sports performance training to Long Island athletes.

You can visit Bill’s personal site at

Martin Fulco – Assistant Director of Performance

Martin has been working with athletes for the last 4 years. In that time he has trained hundreds of athletes and dozens of teams to improve their performance and reach their athletic potentials.

Martins training style is intense and focused. While he is demanding physically, we also will challenge athletes to mentally participate in their training as well. Just going hard isn’t the goal, it is going hard the right way, and with a smart approach.

Trevor Coston –┬áSuperior Athletics Coach, Football Performance Expert

Trevor is a former D1 All-American and professional athlete. In that time, he has trained around the world with some of the most recognizable organizations, and taken part in the top training programs available. With that experience in hand, Trevor has helped to coach and train athletes from HS football teams, to NFL draft hopefuls and more.

While Trevors experience sets him apart on the playing side, his work ethic and mind set him apart on the training side. Trevor has dedicated himself to learning and getting better each day at making Long Island athletes on par with the top athletes in the world.

Jason Fulco – Superior Athletics Coach

Jason came to Superior Athletics after spending time in school for training, followed by a year in Manhattan as a personal trainer. In that time, Jason learned what it was like to coach and train people of various backgrounds and body types.

When coming to Superior Athletics, Jason applied his personality and energy to his sessions to create an unique experience for the athletes he works with. Jasons athletic abilities have been enhanced through the training that he now brings to his athletes, and his own personal journey to conquering performance gives him a great field tested approach to improving athletes from all sports.

Dan Gilligan – Superior Athletics Coach

Dan spent a great deal of time as an Intern with the team at Superior Athletics, and now, while studying for his Physical Education masters, Dan brings a teaching and coaching perspective to the weight room that is admired by both his athletes and coaches alike.

Dan is meticulous in his coaching approach, hoping to give each athlete the deep understanding of their body and its function. Dan has been an important part in helping the Superior Athletics team to enhance their work by offering assistance unparalleled by other interns in the past.

Now a part-time coach, Dan keeps offering great insight and coaching ability to all of our athletes.


At any given time we will have athletes, students and trainers from around Long Island, spending a bit of time at our facility to intern and get experience coaching.

Our internship program allows a true hands on experience with hundreds of athletes and dozens and dozens of coaching moments every day.

An intern spending times with just 1 of our teams will get to work with in a single hour more athletes and clients than a typical personal trainer will see in an entire year.

If you are interested in applying for our internshi, send an email to

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