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The Legend of The Superior Spartan Helmet

“Why the spartan helmet as your logo?”


Athletes begin to assume that it is because we want to promote toughness or be badass, and they are only partially right.

You see, the Spartans were the best.

They weren’t the best because they had tactics and schemes that were vastly better than other armies and forces. Instead, it was their commitment to executing the right things well over and over that made them better.


From an early age the Spartans were taught that training hard and focusing on developing all aspects of your mind and body were important. That decorative armor and advanced weaponry wasn’t as effective as a well trained warrior with a desire to succeed.

“It was commonly accepted that one Spartan was worth several men of any other state.”

This is what we promote to our athletes.

At Superior Athletics you won’t find flashy videos of footwork drills, or fun but ineffective exercises. Instead, we will focus on doing the best things to help athletes succeed at their sport.

Not only just succeed, but excel.

This success however isn’t just collected from the tactics and training that we do, but by the expectations and the togetherness of the community involved.

Each athlete fully dedicated to themselves and the ultimate goal.

A family of athletes and coaches striving to achieve great things

“I recall the astonishment with which I first noted the unique position of Sparta amongst the states of Hellas, the relatively sparse population, and at the same time the extraordinary power and prestige of the community.”- Xenophon

There will never be as many athletes at Superior Athletics as there may be other places.

The reality is that the training and work we do is harder than what most athletes are interested in doing.

Fast athletes like speed classes where they can be fast. Strong athletes like to lift heavy weights and be strong.

Superior athletes show up and do what’s necessary to outperform the competition.

Not every athlete who walks into our facility will be capable of doing what is necessary every day. Those that do however, will always be rewarded with gains that far outpace anyone else.

So our green spartan helmet symbolizes the commitment that every coach, every athlete, and every parent in our community is dedicated to achieving. It symbolizes the work that has come before and the work that will come after. It symbolizes the communities connection to each other.

Be the best.

Be Superior.

Have your work ethic be remembered as legend.

That’s why the Spartan helmet.

#belegendary #besuperior

About the author

Bill Rom

Bill Rom is a strength and conditioning coach on Long Island, New York. Bill has been training both athletes and general population clients since 2006. His clients have ranged from adolescents to 70 year old grandmothers, and from peewee athletes up to former and current D1 athletes. At Prospect Sports, where Bill is the director, he works with a number of professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, MiLB and more. Additionally, Bill has been published on, one of the top strength and conditioning websites in the world, as well as; a website dedicated to improving athletes and is currently working on stories for He also has done a number of speaking engagements including the NSCA and is continuing to pick up more. Bill is one of the top young strength and conditioning coaches in the country, and arguably the top strength coach on Long Island.

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