3 Random Fitness Ideas I Had This Morning

You know, the life of a Performance coach is an exciting one. whos-awesome

I spend countless hours working with high level athletes that will eventually win league titles, become all-state athletes, earn tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship money, and occasionally earn hundreds of thousands to play a game at a high level.

The rest of my time is spent reading articles and research papers on better training practices>

Watching seminars on proper mechanics of squatting, discussing the role of fitness in educational formats and writing my own ideas on a computer screen.

Here are 5 highly random ideas that I had this morning

Most People Care About Fitness…But Are Afraid To Fail

So many people enter diets or start training programs and get gym memberships and nothing happens.  Why?  Is it because it truly is that hard? I don’t think so. I think the fear of failing at the goals becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for most people.

They don’t want to invest so much time and energy learning to do it right, and risk failing. Everyone wants to be fit, but few people achieve what they want because they think that it is a pass or fail endeavor.

Try this: instead of thinking about your overall fitness goals (weigh 120 lbs, bench 315, run a 4.5 40) think about the process and how that brings you forward.

Accomplish working out a few days a week.  Accomplish eating more vegetables this week.  Learn about a new recipe that you enjoy and moves you forward.  You can’t fail with these objectives, you simply do them often and the “success” starts to happen.

Videos Inspire, Words Create Action

–         A good book does more than just to read it, soon I must put it down and live upon its hint –

–         Henry David Thoreau

I am starting to plan out an editorial calendar for video creation.  I am going to be creating Superior Athlete TV.  Showing athletes training, and workouts, and the why we do what we do.  I want to do this to inspire people to be more and try more. However, I still think it is the words of what is said, and what is typed, that create the action that we live upon.  Words create the framework for change, if they are positive and appropriate they can unlock a person’s genius.  Similarly if they are negative and

Words create the ability for action

Words create the ability for action

off-base they can lead a person to a dead end that diminishes their long term efforts. This is why I write and create; to provide people with potential.  To provide the words to live upon and reach for what most decide is unattainable. 

I want to inspire action, I want people to live the life they have imagined.

I Love Food

I am dieting down right now; all my meals are planned and prepped Sunday-Wednesday, when I re-cook for Thursday-Saturday.

With restriction often comes the fear of loss, which makes people run to their comfort foods. We as people hate the feeling of loss, it is a powerful psychological function that can break even the best persons will.

Remember that guy/girl who always talked to you, and then they met someone else and didn’t flirt with you anymore?  You wanted them back and felt the feeling of loss, even though you couldn’t care a few weeks earlier.  That is fear of loss.

I get the same thing when Melissa keeps things from me.  I feel loss, and I want it back and I will do what she wants to have it.  Fear of loss

She feels it when we diet and I take her sugary snacks away.  Feeling a sense of loss creates the idea that you NEED to have them back.

Here is a better strategy: instead of feeling loss, think about gaining control over when and what you eat.  Realize it is now your choice and that you have a plan.  Make foods that you LOVE to have and then make them in portions that make sense.

As I write this I am having sweet potatoes, snap peas, and meatballs.  I freaking LOVE meatballs.

Meatballs are lifes most perfectly portable protein source

Meatballs are life’s most perfectly portable protein source

I am the ultimate carnivore, and I want red meat nearly every meal.  So I portioned out 3 meat balls that are about 4 ounces of protein.  I now get something I love and I controlled how much I have.

I am enjoying the control I have over what I eat, and I know it will help you too.

What Are Your Ideas?

What inspires you to take action?  What is your outlet for being a better athlete, for being a better human? Share your random ideas here and let me know what you think, don’t live in blog silence!

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