Top 5 Fitness Trends of 2014

So we were 3-0-2 in the first ever predictions article.  Finding the things that seem to be the hot topics and filtering between the trends and and the fads is a challenging but fun game to play.  My hope is that I usually get one or two things right (and no more than two things wrong) each year.

From talking to other coaches and seeing the trends in fitness unfolding, here are my predictions (guesses) for what will be the hot ticket conversations in fitness in 2014

#5) Shortened workouts:  Not that magic bullets haven’t been big deals before, but more and more people are talking about efficiency.  With CrossFit timing their workouts already, people are in a hurry to get fit and that will open the door for more abbreviated training sessions.  What will they look like?  It depends!  P90X is rolling out 30 minutes workouts, and Shawn T is rolling out a 25 minute session.

Physical Therapy in my facility runs around 30 minutes.  Some of my training sessions only take about 45 minutes to complete.  For some people, 10 minutes is all they have and all they will put up, so I see classes and groups growing in the shortened segment.  It is cheaper and faster and you can roll people in an out at a greater clip.

Will this trend last?  Who knows, but I bet it gets a lot more involved this year

#4) Trainers are going out on their own more:  You could say that this isn’t a reach, but I see the growth of a business mindset, along with an influx of new blood in training and the idea that people want to create something more and I can’t help but seeing more trainers starting more businesses

Is this a good thing?  No.  Most coaches currently aren’t really that good to begin with.  There are a lot of people able to sell their skills without really being all that skilled.  The internet has done a fantastic job of making people famous for working out more than for actually making people better.

For some though, this will be great.  Great coaches deserve to have great businesses.  For the longest time the only way to make money was by working for a big box who marketed the gym for you and made sure there was a steady stream of clients each month.  If you are good though, people will follow and find you.

That I see happening a LOT in 2014

#3) Alternative Training Becomes The Training:  Kettlebells, CrossFit, Performance Centers, Band Training, these will all become the way people train in the New Year.  Traditional free weight training was taken over by machine based training, functional training has now brought rise to these alternative methods.

Why?  Because they are fun and they work.  Even more, they were popularized by CrossFit commercials and the like. Boxes and suspension trainers have been in my workout routines for 15 years but are still “new” to some people.  This year, kettlebells will rise in gyms.  TRX classes will populate, Olympic lifting will keep growing and Performance based training will reach the “executive” athlete.

Embrace this style of training.  These are the magic bullets (not magic at all)

#2) Neurological benefits of lifting weights:  One of the things that happens when we lift and get stronger is that we create stronger ties between our brain and our bodies.  This connection creates greater cross connection within the rest of the body as well.

Think of it like this:  creating a new development of houses brings new people to the area, but the new roads create alternative routes to be taken in case of emergency.

Why is this helpful?  Well imagine that you have torn a ligament in your knee (ACL) and cannot run and move, but you CAN train your core and upper extremity with great effort.  This neurological work will bring about greater coordination of the whole body, and not just the areas trained.

This is my baby for 2014, this is what I will be attacking and working on.

Does this make sense?

#1) This Website Will Explode With Content:  This is more of a commitment from me.  I want to educate people more, I want to write more and get the word about what we are doing to make better athletes and people spread throughout the world.

When I first started helping my friends in the weight room when I was 13 I never knew that this is what I wouldd do, but it is and it makes total sense the more I do it.  I love writing and helping people, and I want to do interviews and document my travels more.  With that I hope you will share this content whenever you get a chance, and I appreciate everyone who has been reading.

I appreciate you, and hope to connect more with you this year.

Thank you.

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