What motivates you?

Is it the fear or failure?  Is it the fear of success?  Maybe it is your desire to win or even your desire to not lose.

Dan Pink is the author of a number of resources on motivation, and someone that I have spent a lot of time listening to and learning from.  As a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, author, entrepreneur and boss, I deal in motivation on many levels.

What will best motivate my clients?

What will best motivate my readers?

What will best motivate my employees?

What will best motivate myself!?

Motivation is often a tricky topic.  We try to incentivize ourselves when it comes to diet or going to the gym.  We make deals with ourselves to improve our compliance with the food we eat, or the amount of times we make it to the gym in a month.

Are we using the right motivations?  The numbers say no.

80% Of All Diets End In Failure


So 5 people go on the same diet, and statistically only 1 person is going to have any real success.

That is pretty crappy if you ask me, yet it is a number that has been pretty stable over the last decade.  Information increases, countless dollars are spent on exercise and nutritional advice.  New types of workouts and programs and classes are undertaken and yet we haven’t budged that number a bit in the last decade.

Let’s change that shall we?

Using the latest science of motivation, can we create an action plan that improves results and increases the chances that you commit and succeed on a diet?  Let’s explore what really motivates us to succeed when the goal and process are ever evolving


Autonomy Motivation

This is classified as: the urge to control our own lives.  Does this sound typically what a diet makes us feel like?  Diets usually make people feel out of control, they feel hungry, they feel uninformed and lost in the process.

How can you be autonomous and in control when you don’t know what you are doing!?

So education is a key component when attaining autonomy.

If you have resources and people who you can lean to for good advice and guidance in accordance with your goals, your level of autonomy increases dramatically

I was driving in the car recently when my GPS died.  I was going somewhere I had never been before in a town I rarely had even been to.  I was lost.  This is the same thing that happens when you don’t educate yourself before shooting for an end goal, whether its to improve strength or lose fat or any other desire.

So here is our action plan:

  1. Read this article I wrote on fat-loss
  2. Find other resources to read like Precision Nutrition
  3. Find a trainer or nutritionist that can give you support where you need it most
  4. Follow our second point


The desire to get better and better at something that matters

Purpose Motivation

There are corrective exercises, power development, quad dominant exercises, hip hinges, Olympic lifts, met-con workouts and 93,000 other different types of exercises and movements that we can learn.  Knowing how much you don’t know can seem daunting.

Instead of thinking about how you are going to look tomorrow and how much you can learn today look longer.  Think about changing your perception of your goals as a lifelong mission, something where you learn and grow and get better.  Realizing that you can shoot for mastery, or betterment is freeing.  You don’t need to know everything tomorrow to be better today, instead everything you learn or add improves how you accomplish your goals.

I try to educate people as much as I can so that they don’t need me forever.  Instead they come back when they are ready for another step.  Learning and gathering new skills and improving and attaining a new level is what is most important.

Having this new sense of being able to master a skill improves your perception of how well you are doing.  This improves your results and ability to stay motivated.

Action Steps:

  1. Clearly define the goal you want to achieve
  2. When you have your goal, define what you need to learn
  3. Knowing your goal and your need for knowledge, aim to spend 5-10 minutes learning every day.  Make mastery of the knowledge part of your plan


The yearning to do what we do in service of something larger than ourselves

Is the ability to see your grandchildren grow up of a higher purpose then fitting into skinny jeans?  Are you trying to be stronger to help your team succeed?

Finding a purpose is the most important of the three keys to motivation.  Even if you are under informed, even if you have no mastery, the motivation of others leaning on you has a profound effect on motivation.

Think of the father of 3 who works 3 jobs to provide for his kids

Think of the coach who works extra to game-plan for his team

When dealing with achieving goals, having people to use as motivation due to the fear of letting them down has long stood as the ultimate motivator.  Think Rocky IV when he was fighting for Apollo and America

Was Rocky training this hard in the cold, alone for himself.  Heck no!

He was training to avenge his fallen friend and clear his own conscience, along with solving the cold war!  That guy knew motivation!


Finding something that you believe in, whether it is CrossFit, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers or whatever thing you want, but commit to the group and results tend to follow.

team motivated

This is why I am here

I want to provide all of these things for the people who read this site, and the clients I work with in the world.  This is a team.  This is a group.

At Prospect Sports we call it Prospect Family

Coming up it was team GSDS (Get Shit Done Squad)

Here it is Superior Athletics

Motivation, Inspiration, Education



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