Sunday Strength Coach: Episode 5

So the last few Sundays I haven’t answered any questions or talked about topics that people have been asking about, so today I am going to answer questions from a few different emails.

How to use kettlebells

The other day I did my in service education at Prospect Sports, we were going over the inclusion of kettlebells and their uses in both personal training sessions and our group P365 program.

Kettlebells to some are this mysterious exercise program done only by the CrossFit crowd or by women in group exercise classes with weights as heavy as a candy bar.

Both of these groups tend to do a kettlebell swing improperly.

The “American” or CrossFit version of a kettlebell swing isn’t worth it’s effort.  Here is an example:

This version of a swing looks harder than a normal swing, but the reality is that the weight is significantly less than you could swing were you to focus on just the hips.  Otherwise, why not just do a kettlebell snatch?

They look similar, but the snatch requires significantly more power due to the use of a single arm.  Additionally, you will have increased core work provided due to the uneven nature of the snatch.  The side that is not holding the weight is firing in order to keep the core vertical and in proper position.

The kettle is great to add in for fatloss workouts.  You can load it heavy and once your hinge is nice, you can do a ton of them with minimal thinking.

Hard work + minimal thinking + volume = results

Additionally, for people trying to add more power training to their programs, the kettlebell offers a lower barrier to entry than the Olympic lifts do, as to learn the hip hinge and the swing is a great transition to eventually doing power shrugs and other Olympic variations.

What is the best way to….

I love people.  I love how they think most of the time.  One of the biggest human ideas is that their is a single best way to do everything in life.

We live in absolutes in this country.

When in reality, there are usually a variety of ways of getting to the end point of any problem.  Usually, it depends on the situation at hand.

What is the best way to lose fat?

Eat Less.  Move More.

What is the best way to improve power?

Get stronger.  Jump more.

These aren’t “great” answers, but the right answer is some derivative of them none the less.

Whenever you ask a question or look for that one thing that could change everything, quick looking and get working, the right answer is somewhere in that direction.

What are you reading?

Yesterday I read Precision Nutrition, a coaching program on diet for all body types and goals.  This is the program and ideas I myself use with my clients, and it is the staple of the industry.  This is also a certification that I would strongly consider getting myself and for other coaches.

In regards to non-fitness oriented books, I have been reading The Essays of Warren Buffet.  If you don’t know who Warren is, you should look into him.  He has accumulated more companies and wealth than everyone you know put together.  At one time, his net worth was north of $80 Billion!

He isn’t wildly talented that he did all of this with a brain above what you possess.  He and his brother owned pinball machines and used the money they made to buy more machines.  They worked this little business into more businesses and kept doing that.  Now Warren owns large positions in Coca-Cola and others, and owns Geico.

If you work as a manager or you invest your money, listen to this man in regards to best practices and overall ideas to be better.

Now I am going to watch football and relax after my workout which you can take a look at over at Fitocracy

Lets go Bills!


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