Success: Why you aren’t one

What are you bad at?  What could you improve in most?  What is something holding you back?

These can be deep questions if you are being honest with yourself, since these questions bare to light your inner “demons” and those small echoes of insecurity.

The easy road, and the one most traveled, is to ignore our faults, deny them.  Why should I accept responsibility for something that I am not good at, or capable of?

I had bad teachers

I had a bad coach

I didn’t have your advantages

I am not as lucky as those people

blame signs Success:  Why you arent one

Quit passing blame

Come on, stop it, you are making excuses

You merely suffer from a case of ignorance.  Not that you aren’t aware of some larger understanding of your circumstance, or unaware of alternatives.  You are ignorant to your own self disbelief.

Quit making excuses and ignoring that which you can be better at.  We all have obstacles in our lives that keep us from obtaining that which we desire, in the time frame we most often would like.  Success doesn’t just present itself without ability or perseverance.

People claim that Beethoven was a gifted composer that came from nowhere, but he spent a decade composing before he created his first great work.

Most people aren’t willing to spend a decade striving for success

success path Success:  Why you arent one

Commit to being successful and the time and effort it takes

We live in a world of instant gratification, where if you aren’t immediately successful you are a failure.  When did this happen?  When did success become something measured by the speed in which you accomplished it?

Steve Jobs started at Atari in the early 1970’s left and didn’t become a prominent component in the world of computers until the mid-1980s.  He later left Apple and didn’t make his biggest breakthroughs in technology until the late 90’s and into the 2000’s.

That is a 30-40 year trek for someone to become wildly successful, and people discuss his ascension to that spot and how quickly, it happened.

Long time views are essential to achieving success

If you want to lose weight.  If you want to add muscle.  If you want to make it in life, you have to have a long term perspective.

Let’s use fat-loss as an example:

Let’s say I can guarantee you 20 lbs. of fat-loss in 4 months.  Is that fast enough?

How about 3 months?

How about 2 months?

What about a year?

That last one shook you.  That last one made you cringe and doubt my ability, because every other claim out there states that you can do it in 30 or 60 or 90 days and have the body you want.

Ever watch a P90X infomercial?  The most dramatic alterations in someone’s body composition were usually 3-6X through the P90X process.

90 days X 4 rounds = 360 days

So P90X actually gets results in 1 year for dramatic transformations.  They sold you on the 90 days though.  They know they can make progress in 90 days, and with that they encourage you to try again, you do and you make more changes and feel better.

Well, I already did it twice, why not just do it a third time, it’s ONLY 90 days!

See where I am going?

The most successful people don’t quit things after 90 days, they don’t quit things after 2 years, they keep pushing themselves everyday as part of the process.

“I am going to read 10 books in the next 90 days on Marketing and Promotions.  After which I am going to design a 6 and 12 month campaign and execute it for success”

“I am going to keep a food journal, and I am going to commit to exercising for 3 hours every week for the next 3 months, after which I will reassess and plan my next 3 months”

You can make MAJOR changes in a month.  You can make major changes in 3 months.

You can alter the course of your life in a year.

To achieve remarkable, spectacular, and life defining successes, you need to dedicate your life to strings of yesterdays, today’s and tomorrows

victory baby Success:  Why you arent one

This is just always awesome

So recognize what is holding you back in life.  Recognize where you need to improve and attack it for as long as it needs.  Frame this challenge in the saga of your life’s success and start allowing yourself to achieve more.


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