Here Comes the Boom




If you are in any gym that I train a,t you are going to hear these sounds going off constantly.  What are they exactly?  Well it generally depends on who is training at that time, but ordinarily it is someone working on their power performance.

Cool Billy, power performance.  Why do I care?

Wait, wait, I promise there is a point to this one that you aren’t readily thinking about.

You see, most people think that the only people who need power development are athletes.  These people obviously haven’t listened to me much as I think all humans are athletes.  We all are set up to be athletic in some regard.  In knowing this, we all should train in a somewhat similar way.

That’s where power comes in.

You see, you’re getting older.  Not me, I’m not getting older.  You are though and I’m sorry.  As that happens you are losing muscle mass and peak power output if you aren’t working on it.  If you are an athlete and you haven’t worked on it, you are under performing and should probably come see me.

If you are a late 20′s early 30′s former athlete, well lets just say things are getting worse.

The real problem is the people in their 50′s and 60′s who have stopped being athletes and taken up a spot on the couch to watch their stories. (Like sand through the hour-glass, these are the days that will kill you)

As we lose muscle and decrease our power output we start to feel shitty.  It is harder to stand and it is tough for us to catch ourselves when we are about to bust our ass.  Just adding a bit of BOOM! to your workout could keep you from looking like this guy

 Here Comes the Boom

Think that I am over emphasizing the importance of BOOM!

Should differently you think

Here is a link to an awesomely boring study that barely anyone who reads this will click on

Why won’t you click it?  You have me obviously, and I love reading boring abstracts of health studies performed in a lab.

The wrinkly Yoda like people in this study happened to take up exercise for 12 weeks and it showed that high-speed power work not only improved muscle function better than regular training, it also had an impact on their ability to break while driving!

Think of the implications!  Snatches and medball smashing make you a better driver!

Really, this likens to the fact that power development is like candy for the brain.  Your brain wants to learn how to use your body well.

 It desires this ability tremendously. 

So spending time doing power whether you are 15 or 46 or 63 or 107 is valuable, because it makes you a better athlete, and that makes you a better person!

Now, if you come back this weekend to read more, I will be posting a bunch of videos showing exactly how I coach and implement power development.

Do it as a favor to the wrinklier you


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