Breathing, and how it makes you suck

What do you notice about that kid?  Can you see their stomach pulsing up and down, while their shoulder remains relatively quiet, with little motion.

This is how we are supposed to breathe.

This is how you probably breathe (role play segment in the beginning

Now, terrible acting aside, each of the woman’s breathes raised her shoulders and decreased the amount of oxygen that she was able to take in.

Athletes have a similar situation arise when they are playing sports, their heart rates quicken, they start breathing hard to make up for a appeared lack of conditioning, and it is all over.  Your body spends a ton of time trying to fight its way through the attack to get back to a normal level, and your shot.

Breathe in, breathe out

You see, we want to have Diaphragmatic Breathing, that is breathing into your belly and expelling the air in the same way, by pushing your belly down with your abs and expelling air.  The lungs are what people tend to think help us to breathe, when in reality they are merely a storage compartment for the air we inhale.

The real breathing muscles are further south.  Yet, everyone starts trying to take over there breathing and after a while this becomes the habit; more and more breathing into your shoulder and lungs, throwing off your muscular system and your body’s ability to take in oxygen.  Thus a decrease in performance

The fix is on!

First off, we need to practice breathing into our stomachs

Now besides the fact that this guy sounds half like a robot while he is speaking, this is a great drill in order to learn the difference between breathing methods.  If you don’t want to use a show, just take your phone out and place it on your stomach towards the left side.  Try and make the phone move up and down first, with minimal movement in your chest.

This teaches you how to get a full breathe and in the future, use your breathing to increase your strength levels and your ability to produce tremendous amounts of force.

One we are trying to learn to breathe while moving, here is a really simple method to focus on breathing into your nose vs breathing through your mouth.

Place a straw in your mouth (some will use a balloon) and try to expel the air fully through the straw while breathing through your nose and into your diaphragm.

Impact on performance

What can you expect from proper breathing?

  • Increased Fastball Velocity
  • Improved Vertical Jump
  • Increased Squat
  • Increased deadlift
  • Increased Bench

The best way to put it, is just you are a better you when it comes to power, conditioning and strength.

So remember, your breathing could be limiting everything you do, so why not spend a few minutes working on getting it better.

It could mean being more badass


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