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Sunday Morning Strength Coach: The Delayed Edition

This past weekend I was honored to be included as a speaker at the 2013 New York State Clinic for the NSCA.

For those that don’t know, the NSCA is one of the largest certifying bodies for personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches, and has what has long been considered the standard for certifications with the CSCS.

The CSCS is for Strength and Conditioning Coaches, and is what is needed to be a strength coach at the division 1 level.

As a last minute lineup change, I literally went from last to first, which makes complete sense

The topic that I spoke on was long term athletic development, shaping a career.  I went through the stages of motor learning for athletes, and what it takes to make them better.
If you are interested in viewing the presentation yourself, you can see my strength and conditioning slides and read more.
Also, thanks to the AV department, otherwise known as Melissa, you can watch a short clip of my presentation:
As a Strength and Conditioning Coach on Long Island, we don’t often get the same notoriety as some of the coaches in surrounding areas.  With talks like this I hope to change that, and make Long Island athletes not only the best in the north east, but bring training on Long Island to a level that no one else is doing.
I met a number of great people at this presentation and my favorite was coach Bill Hicks, from Syracuse University.
His talks was fun, entertaining and was a great resource for some of the coaches in the stands, and it reaffirmed most of what I was doing with my athletes in the area of speed and agility work
Mostly, this was a great opportunity to get out and talk more about what I am passionate about, and reach dozens of other coaches and bring them some of the best information I have on getting results.  It is an honor to have presented for the NSCA and had the opportunity to make some conections with great coaches.
As for next Sunday, I will be releasing a Sunday Morning Strength Coach article that speaks to what I did at the NSCA clinic, as well as bring you some video from my vacation to FLA.
Till next time
Bill Rom is the top strength and conditioning coach on Long Island.

About the author

Bill Rom

Bill Rom is a strength and conditioning coach on Long Island, New York. Bill has been training both athletes and general population clients since 2006. His clients have ranged from adolescents to 70 year old grandmothers, and from peewee athletes up to former and current D1 athletes. At Prospect Sports, where Bill is the director, he works with a number of professional athletes from the NFL, MLB, MiLB and more. Additionally, Bill has been published on, one of the top strength and conditioning websites in the world, as well as; a website dedicated to improving athletes and is currently working on stories for He also has done a number of speaking engagements including the NSCA and is continuing to pick up more. Bill is one of the top young strength and conditioning coaches in the country, and arguably the top strength coach on Long Island.

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