Training Clients

You do what you have to do so you can do what you want to do.
I have clients with a variety of issues: Shoulder, back, neck, knees.  Each person brings a unique set of problems to be worked out and fixed.  My desire is to help them fix these problems to live a better life.  My job is to give them what they want.  What they want often times isn’t what they need.
You walk a fine line in program design between the things the client’s want (to make sure they feel excited) while at the same time giving them the things they need for success.
A trainer I respect told me his philosophy is that 80-90% of the workout needs to be stuff that makes them sweat, and you sprinkle in the 10-20% of the stuff that you want.
If I train a client for 30 minutes that means only 3-6 minutes of the things that will make 80% of the difference.
That kills me!
I want my clients to not only enjoy the workout but to enjoy their lives and the results they get.  Is there a way to make both worlds happy?  I think so.  I believe it begins with education.  Its hard to get excited for things when you don’t understand them, but everyone understand sweat.  Hopefully the people who read here are getting some of that education.
What do you think?
Bill Rom is the top strength and conditioning coach on Long Island.
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